Hello Community,

As you might have noticed, 19 march a collab started with a large online publisher (GeenStijl). Together we have planned a long-term cooperation to develop applications that use the Gulden Blockchain. Applications that, once finished, can also be used elsewhere. For this collab we started a fundraising, and the GAB launched a special website for this at http://guldenadvisoryboard.com/geenstijl/ .

As you can see, the special website is in Dutch because we figured GeenStijl is targeting a Dutch crowd only. This doesn’t mean this cooperation is only important for The Netherlands. As stated above, the applications created are not solely for GeenStijl and can be applied by other publishers once they are developed. If you have any further questions, you can ask them here on Slack and we will be happy to answer them as best as we can.

If you happen to be in Amsterdam this Friday, there is a meetup planned at Hotel Jakarta where you can discuss things with developers, people from Geenstijl and members of the GAB. If you want to join you have to register at MEETUP. You can support this initiative by donating on the QR code or the Gulden Address that is on the fundraising page.